Testing Machines For Automotive Sector


The automotive sector uses all kinds of testing machines. Since it involves different manufacturing processes right from casting to assembly; it is essential to carry out all the physical tests like tensile testing, compression testing, impact testing, and balancing. FIE Test has manufactured and delivered standard, as well as custom, made testing machine solutions to all the major automobile OEMs and suppliers across India.

Aeronautical Testing Machines


Aeronautical designs are complex and the components must withstand under extreme conditions. Therefore each component must be tested for its physical and mechanical properties. FIE’s testing machines are being used by the OEMs in the Aeronautics industry for conducting various destructive testing. Right from casting to the final component, our testing machines are used to carry out all the physical testing.

Construction Material Testing Equipment


Structural integrity and safety of a building depend on the strength of the materials used for the construction. Therefore, it is a cardinal need to check the tensile and compressive strength of TMT bars and concrete that will be used in a building. In the construction segment FIE has delivered machines for tensile testing, compression testing, and impact testing.

Custom Testing Machine Solutions


FIE Test was honoured when the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) partnered up to manufacture custom testing machine solutions for testing of various defence-related equipment. DRDO carries out hardness testing, tensile testing, toughness testing, and balancing with FIE’s custom machine solutions.

Tensile Testing Machines

Educational Institutes

FIE Test committed to facilitating practical oriented education to every engineering student. Therefore, many technical education institutes are our proud customers. All the key engineering streams like civil, mechanical, production, and industrial use FIE Test’s machines to understand physical testing concepts. The machines we delivered to the institutes are used to explain tensile testing, compression testing, toughness testing, and balancing of rotating masses.

Hardness Testing Machines


All the casting products need an inspection. After solidification, we need to check the hardness and tensile strength of the casting. Due to impurities in the casting, some of its physical properties may have affected. Reduced tensile strength or excessive softness in the material may be an indication of impurity in the casting and hence before rolling out the entire batch for further machining we can recheck our casting process. This practice can be helpful to reduce rejection after conducting expensive machining. The machines used in this application are the Universal Testing Machine and Hardness Testing Machine. Then depending on the product, other machines are also used.

Material Testing Laboratories

Material Testing Labs

The most advanced materials testing labs use high-tech testing machines. These labs offer a characterization of testing to assess the physical and mechanical properties of materials. The results generated are used to determine quality control measures and processes. FIE has delivered all kinds of advanced testing machines to the major NABL accredited testing labs across India and MEA region.

Erichsen Cupping Testing Machines

Metal Forming

After the metal stock is pressed under a series of rollers, the products go through hardness and tensile testing. After hardness and tensile testing, we need to check the formability of the product. Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine is used to test the formability of the sheet metal.