Technical Description

Machine Model Balance Tech VAC are vertical type single plane hard bearing balancing machine provided with -

  1. DSPbased measuring panel.
  2. Servo Drill head for correction.
  3. Ideal for disc shaped rotors such as clutch plates, flywheels, fan blades, Magnetos, Grinding wheels, impellers etc.

Features -


  • Standard Features of control panel
    1. DSPcontroller based processing.
    2. Digital display for unbalanc indication.
    3. Digital display for RPM Indication.
    4. Auto –Stop.
    5. Simultaneous indication.
    6. On screen keyboard.
    7. Tolerance indicators.
    8. Data Storage.
  • Operation Cycle - The working cycle is fully automatic with unbalance indication while rotor running and after stopping the balancing cycle it precisely rotates to its correction position, further Vertical drill head cycle starts for correction and asks for following parameters -
    1. Material Density.
    2. Drill Size.
    3. Maximum drill depth.
    4. Allowed no. of holes.
    5. Center distance between two hole.

Technical Specifications -


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Downloads -


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