Fully automatic moving head type hardness tester for Brinell type hardness testing. The machine has advanced image processing software, capable of producing results with pin-point accuracy repeatedly. 

Features -


  • Similar type of machines on the market uses a lever arm that has a significant disadvantage on accuracy as the indenter makes a circle movement and either pushes or pulls the workpiece over the anvil. imperfect non-linear measurements that require either mechanical, electronic/ software compensation. the perfect linear moving mechanism is driven by a high precision Ball Screw eliminating all possible indenter errors.
  • we have positioned the load cell directly above the indenter in the ultimate front part of the Machine. In this way, over many years of use, any potential wear and tear inside the hardness tester will have no effect on the accuracy of the force measurement
  • work table can handle really large and heavy workpieces. On these models, the vertical capacity can raise up to 1000 mm while the table can carry up to a 2.5-ton load.
  • The Brinmax-3000 is equipped with an advanced image processing Software system, with auto-detection of indentation. Manual positioning of filar lines is no longer required Also,you can select manual measure mode and have the option of adjusting measurements by touching the screen or using the mouse in case if the surface preparation is not proper. Multiple format reports can be generated as per customer requirement [optional] and can Handle any challenging requirement including the control of a 3-axis position system if required. Brinmax-3000 can easily connect via USB, LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth with any network or quality assurance software.

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