Introduction :

FIE Make BRIN MAX-3000 - B machine is robust machine which is suitable for use with very large components such as those found in the foundry and oil Industry. It is a simple and accurate machine to produce and automatically measures the indentation to give Brinell hardness number.

This machine is suitable for measuring the hardness of parts up to 4 ton weight with wide testing range from soft to hard with accurate results as per standard.

This testing machine strictly confirms to IS 1500-2, BS: 10003-2 and ASTME-10.

Features -


  • User friendly Software.
  • Handled touchscreen HMI Pendant.
  • Online indentation setting & focusing on front touch screen display.
  • Advance image processing  : algorithms implemented for precise calculation of hardness numbers with various options to cover all ranges of specimen.
  • Batch files processing  : Option for data storage & reports generation.
  • Wide options in calibration mode-calibration/verification.
  • Extensibility for future advanced image processing analysis requirements.
  • USB printer port for printer interface with result & graph print out.
  • Facility to measure in manual, semi & automatic mode.
  • Facility to export result/data in PDF format.

Technical Specifications -


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