Moving Head Mechanism–Absolute Solution For Hardness Testing Of Odd Sized Components

  Apr-07-2021 By Asif Alase
Fuel Instruments and Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Whether it is a casting, forging or machined component. Whether it is made up of metal, non-metal or synthetic material; hardness testing has prime importance in materials testing. Especially when the component is supposed to withstand extreme crushing force. Since its inception, the hardness testing has been conducted mostly in a lab under a controlled environment. But the actual test results are useful at an industrial level. The existing hardness testers are mostly tabletop machines and are incapable of testing large-sized components that too on a shop floor. But how can we conduct hardness testing of a cylinder around 50Kg in weight and 125mm in diameter? It is a major challenge for many manufacturing firms to conduct hardness testing of such components on conventional tabletop machines and with pin-point accuracy. Even though there are many portable hardness testers already avail ...