• UNITEK-9400

Electronic Control Panel:(Series Universal 2001)

Microprocessor based panel incorporating state of art technology with following features:

  • Front panel membrane type key board for machine with numeric keys for data entry.
  • 7 segment display.
  • Auto load cell identification.
  • Data entry with numeric keyboard of test parameters including speeds, rupture % peak, pre load, modulus data,, test data & specimen data.
  • 20 input data set storage, 50 result storage, maintains data & results during power off.
  • Batch test facility for generating batch & statistics result using same data set.
  • Optional remote to ease specimen loading/unloading.
  • RS232C serial port. Optional windows based software available for-
  • Online graph on PC. Data analysis, Statistics, Point tracing superimposing graphs to compare with standard, zooming graph etc.

Printer port for printer interface with-

  • Graph & result print-out.
  • Test Certificate print-out.
  • Batch certificate print-out.
  • Simple statistics print-out.

Features -


  • Precision AC servo motor & drive with ball lead screw gives an advanced drive system with 1 to 500 standard speed range.
  • Provision for load cell interchangeability & thereby automatic selection of load full scale & Units (kN or N).
  • Speed selection through data entry or variable speed through potentiometer.
  • Facility for mounting different load cells & clamping devices to suit different tests & materials such as thin wires, metal sheets, fiber glass, leathers, springs, card boards etc.
  • Built-in parallel interface to connect Dot matrix printer for data & curve print-out.
  • Safety interlock for overload & limit switch sensing to ensure protection during test.
  • Universal applications in R& D, Education, Quality control & Production for test like, Tensile, Compression, Bending etc.

Technical Specifications -


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