• B-3000 PC
B-3000 PC

Latest GUI Features:

  • User friendly software with all help file and Windows features.
  • Online indentation setting and focusing on PC monitor.
  • Advance Image Processing : Algorithms implemented for precise calculation of hardness numbers with various options to cover all ranges of specimen.
  • Batch File Processing : Option for data/storage and reports generation.
  • Statistical Evaluation : Software for calculating deviation, mode, medium, histogram etc.
  • Wide option in calibration mode.
  • Extensibility for future advanced image processing analysis requirements.

Features -


  • Fully computerized (PC based) Brinell Hardness Tester.
  • Direct and accurate measurement of Brinell hardness number using 'State of the art' image processing technology.
  • 'Wide testing range' from soft metal to medium hardness steels.
  • High accuracy and repeatability of measurement at all loads
  • Faster measurement yielding to higher productivity.
  • Hydraulic loading and unloading cycle.
  • Advanced window based software.

Technical Specifications -


fuel instruments & engineers pvt. ltd



fuel instruments & engineers pvt. ltd